"I would like to be remembered as the only Pakistani PM who refused to visit his country after leaving office." Shaukat Aziz may not have said it but it sounds like a quote right out of an autobiography he should be writing. Word has it that the banker-turned-politician now lives in London and has declined every opportunity to return to the country of his birth and rebirth as a politician. According to insiders, the Man on the Hill has thrice requested his political protg put in an appearance. Mr. Aziz refused to comply and return to the scene of his prime (crime?) ministership for the simple reason that the Chaudhrys wanted him out before the elections. And even succeeded in blocking an NA ticket for him. * * * * * * * * * * * * * "The son also rises" is how people describe the activities of Gilani Jr. and Jahangir Badar Jr. Any one wanting a posting, transfer or reinstatement may look no further. A quick call to the right person, some name-dropping and the job is done to satisfaction. However, sometimes even the duo can push the button too far. Recently they put their talents to use in getting a man reinstated in a well-oiled state enterprise. Job done, they now pressurized the company boss to give him back-benefits. Now the boss happened to be a man with some clout, a heavyweight business tycoon in his own right. He refused to oblige and threatened to resign. You see the jobs-for-the-boys policy is all very well but sometimes you can end up smelling like a scandal. * * * * * * * * * * * * * It is difficult to operate in bumbledom after superseding a few mandarins. Ask the CS Punjab. Recently, at a meeting of Jallo Park stakeholders, he encountered a cheeky bureaucrat. This gathering of Grade 20 officers was getting nowhere on the issues involved which led the CS exclaiming in exasperation "I would be better off with Grade17 officers." It so happened that Punjab's chief economist, a man conscious of rank and file, promptly retorted "Maybe the CS would feel better with Grade 17 officers." Meant as a snide remark or not it has touched a raw cord somewhere. The man has been taxed and his services transferred to the federal government. Maybe he would do well to economise on his comments in future.