Imran Khans recent proclamation to eradicate terrorism within 90 days has not surprised anyone, especially as it also had a small rider of if I am Prime Minister attached to it. His roadmap to peace is quite innovative and I for one have no doubt it would bring the string of these suicide bombings to an end. Why? Because under Mr Khans Premiership, the Taliban would be ruling the roost and calling the shots. The political legitimacy they have been striving for would be theirs at last and so they might deter. Terrorism is a complex and global phenomenon and even with all the state resources invested in eradicating it, no country can claim to eradicate it. At best, one can only curtail the support for it by improving the counter-terrorism efforts. The terrorists have the luxury of choosing their targets and deciding when to strike. The state has to defend everything. That is an un-winnable fight. It is disappointing to see internal strife between Punjab government and the federal government threatening to derail the fight against terrorism. We must put political vendettas behind us and work upon addressing the mutual trust deficit. -AMMAR ZAFARULLAH, Islamabad, July 5.