The recent attack on Data Darbar triggered yet another 'news flash race between the channels. It has now became a standard procedure that excited anchors keep building up the hype as their news team arrives at the spot to start showing gruesome images of the deceased and injured. Mikes are shoved in the faces of traumatic eyes-witnesses as they are pestered for ever more detailed accounts of the gory happening. In hot spur of the moment, the human angle is ignored altogether. Sensationalism is name of the game really. The channels have created such a haze that we are unable to see beyond corpses and body bags and inspect the motives behind these attacks. The holy shrines, one might recall, were targeted in the past too when Taliban had destroyed the shrine of Rehman Baba in Peshawar. They had also attacked the shrine of Bari-Imam in Islamabad. As strict adherents of the Wahabi school of thought, they consider these shrines to be heretic. That is the real story behind the incident at Lahore. -SADIA HUSSAIN, Islamabad, July 5.