ISLAMABAD Two critical policy issues, the seriousness of purpose and direction would predominantly figure atop the proceedings of the government-sponsored All Parties Conference (APC) likely to be held next week and may lead to major shift in Pakistans war on terror. Even though the government is still in process of organising the national conference, well-placed sources informed TheNation on Tuesday the marathon effort was unlikely to culminate in evolving an effective national response to curb ever-increasing menace of terrorism. The federal governments initiative to organise a mega event primarily on the proposal of PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif is to discuss the latest wave of terror actions that forced the democratic dispensation to take on board political and religious forces having no representation to solicit their input for effectively tackling the challenge. The PPP-led ruling coalition had already evolved a national response strategy after lengthy process through the Parliament last year that culminated into major military operations in Swat, Malakand and other parts of the FATA regarded as the major centres of terror. The process also led to create a parliamentary committee on national security headed by senator Mian Raza Rabbani. However, despite major success against terrorists, the policy partially failed to address the issue of the US drone strikes inside Pakistan that continues unabated as a result the overall objectives of that policy formulated in the light of recommendations of the Parliament were overshadowed which undermined the sovereignty of the Parliament itself. Informed sources were of the view that the proposed APC was likely to be different and would single out the PPP-led ruling coalition on its failure to tackle the challenge effectively even after embracing the terror as Pakistans war. This is not Pakistans war, rather it is an imposed war on Pakistan that the PPP-led ruling coalition needs to realise in effort to evolve an effective national response strategy, PML-N MNA Makhdoom Javed Hashmi told a news conference here at partys central secretariat Tuesday. Asked how the mandate of the proposed APC would be different from the parliamentary committee on national security, Hashmi said it would include voices of national political forces that were not part of the Parliament; therefore, he added, it would be an important event. He noted that no strategy would work successfully until and unless Pakistan rejects the US policy about the war on terror. It is high time that Pakistan seriously took up with the US and NATO forces their future plans in Afghanistan including their exit strategies, he said, adding the US history suggested that it followed unilateral course and never took on board its partners on such occasions. Answering a question, he said his party would present its proposals on how to tackle the problem during the APC.