LAHORE - The City District Government Lahore has yet to serve notices to the inmates of dangerous buildings, as none of the Town Municipal Administrations has so far provided list of such structures falling in their respective jurisdictions, sources confided with The Nation on Tuesday. A routine but important exercise though having little meanings for the concerned is carried out every year, but it is for the first time that this 'formality has not been completed before the start of rainy season. District Officer Planning, who is responsible to tackle the issue of dangerous buildings with the coordination of concerned departments, written letters to all nine TMAs in the City during the last month with the direction to submit detailed report about such structures in their jurisdictions but with no feedback. The insiders say that the TMAs did not bother to respond to several reminders that has resulted into failure of the CDGL to carryout the formality of serving notices to inmates of dilapidated buildings across the City. They say that there are over 500 buildings, housing thousands of people, across the City, which could collapse during the rainy season. Yes, notices have not been issued to the owners and inmates of dangerous buildings so far due to lack of cooperation on the part of TMAs. Not even a single TMA has so far provided list of dilapidated buildings despite several reminders, said a CDGL official, adding, the notices would be served after receiving lists from all nine TMAs in the City. Yes, it will be too late and first instance in the last 10-15 years that notices have not been served before the start of monsoon. But what the CDGL can do when it is unaware about the whereabouts of dangerous buildings, the official said. The CDGL is directly dealing with the issue of dangerous buildings for the first time. Previously, nine TMAs were responsible to keep record and take action against dilapidated structures in their respective jurisdictions. According to the officials, administrator CDGL entrusted the responsibility of tacking the issue of dangerous buildings in the City to DO Planning with the aim to ensure more coordinated and concerted efforts. But the idea failed to yield desired results due to lack of coordination and cooperation on the part of TMAs.