Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman, Imran Khan has claimed that if he is Prime Minister of Pakistan, the issue of terrorism would be resolved in just 90 days. He has also said the enemies of America should not be treated as our enemies. Taliban have already killed hundreds of Pakistanis in 180 blasts this year. The most recent and horrific act we witnessed was at Data Darbar Lahore. Do these actions make them our enemy or friend? It is tragic that famous people of our society act as apologists of Taliban and yet are given flash coverage in the mainstream media. This war is ideological and would take a long time, much more than 90 days, to be over. Curbing the extremist mindset indoctrinated by Taliban would take some doing. This war is ours because our countrymen are being killed in it and so ruthlessly too. We would not give in to Taliban. -AMNA ZAMAN, Lahore, July 5.