PUNE (India) Former India captain, Saurav Ganguly is not a sports psychologist but he successfully tried to motivate the tigers. We didnt want to miss the opportunity to invite Saurav Ganguly for the pep-talk when he was in London last week (leading MCC XI against visiting Pakistan team), Tanjeeb Ahsan Saad, the Bangladesh team manager said from London. We had requested him to motivate the players for the three ODIs (July 8, 10 & 12) against England. Later, coach, Jamie Siddons, speaking exclusively again to this scribe added, This was a three-hour session where Saurav used his current knowledge of Bangladesh cricket and our players to talk to them as a group about commitment and constant improvement. He also watched all batsmen bat and spoke to them individually about different aspects of their game. He (Ganguly) understands that he cannot change the player in one session and was keen not to say too much about technique but preferred to talk about concentration and method. It was a worthwhile session as his message was the same as the players had already been given by other great players like Sachin and Sangakkara, he added. It was also the same as the message I preach to them every day. Batting has no magical solution that can be spoken, it is hard work and adjustment, both mentally and physically over time, and players being able to learn from each experience they have, Siddons added.