LAHORE (PPI) - NEPRAs acceptance of LESCO petition for Rs3 per unit increase in power tariff has disturbed the entire business community because it would be very difficult for them to afford electricity at such a high price. These views were expressed by PIAF Chairman Irfan Qaiser Sheikh, Vice Chairmen Iqbal Baig Chughtai and Kh. Whahzeb Akram in a statement issued here Tuesday. The PIAF office-bearers said that the cost of doing business in the country was already too high and any further increase in electricity tariff may cause closure of industrial units. They said that the LESCO petition was unjustified in the wake of recent 7.6 percent hike in power rate. They said that the people at the helm of affairs should take notice of the situation which is hitting the economy hard. The PIAF office-bearers said that industrial growth in the country was the lowest in the region while the rate of inflation was the highest when it was compared with other regional countries. Not only the graph of poverty was going up with every passing day but unemployment was also touching the alarming levels. They said that despite a strong opposition by the private sector, the government adopted the path of rental power stations that have jacked up the cost of Pakistani products manifold and the same are fast becoming uncompetitive in the international market. Therefore, Irfan Qaiser Sheikh said that the government should not allow any increase in power tariff. They said that it would be wiser on the part of the government if it concentrates on hydle means of electricity generation instead of thermal means. Because through hydle means it would not only be able to get rid of foreign loans but would also be doing a great service to the trade and industry of the country.