KABUL (AFP) - The number of international troops to die in the Afghan war so far this year hit 335 with the announcement Tuesday of four more deaths in the volatile south of the country. Three soldiers died Monday in bomb attacks, Natos International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said, referring to improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, which are the Talibans main weapon in the war. A fourth was killed Tuesday in an IED attack in the east, ISAF said. The nationalities of the soldiers were not given, according to policy. An AFP tally based on that kept by the icasualties.org website puts the death toll for foreign soldiers in 2010 at 335, compared to 520 for all of 2009. Military commanders - including US General David Petraeus, who took command of foreign forces in Afghanistan on Sunday - have warned the summer months will see intensified fighting and a spike in casualties. Junes death toll of 102 was a monthly record for the war.