THERE is an element of truth in Mian Nawaz Sharifs statement that contrary to the past, when his docility was getting the better of his courage to speak the truth, he has grown courageous and does not hesitate from making bold and blunt statements. Indeed given the way he talked about different issues plaguing Pakistan in an interview to a private TV channel, it appears he was speaking his mind freely and without fear. The general public, especially the poor, would find their thoughts reflected in his observation that the generals and the politicians have milked the countrys resources in broad daylight and are responsible for its present plight. While the country and its hapless citizens do not need to be reminded who took them for a ride and plundered the nation, it is reassuring in that it shows that one of the leaders at least has the will to openly censure the political-military combine that has pushed us to the very edge of ruin and despair. Mian Nawaz also criticised President Zardari for delaying the restoration of judges and said that it was only due to popular pressure that a free and independent judiciary was restored. In the same vein, he asserted that it was Mr Zardari who was responsible for his electoral disqualification and also for the dismissal of Shahbaz Sharifs government. Clearly, the anger of the PML-N leader is not completely unjust and does not merely stem from the desire to have mid-term polls. The fact that he is getting increasingly straightforward is largely because of the dismal performance of the PPP-led dispensation in virtually all fields of governance. There should be little doubt that a policy of extending accommodation to the rivals and giving the ruling regime the credibility it needs are factors desperately needed by our democratic polity, yet simply making light of this dreadful situation would serve no useful purpose. There are a plethora of problems troubling the country not least of which are loadshedding and inflation, which have turned out to be too difficult for the authorities to tackle. On the other hand, the federal government has been openly defying the Supreme Court as evidenced from the sabre-rattling by Babar Awan and other PPP stalwarts. Likewise, President Zardari has been brazenly trying to thwart the courts attempts to bring to justice the NROed culprits. Consequently, Mian Nawaz Sharif has thought it necessary to up the ante in trying to make the President see sense. Under the circumstances, the PPP leadership must put its act together. It must act and act now.