LAHORE - The brutal killing of Sheikh Alauddins motion by the Chair on Tuesday, seeking legislation on forced prostitution and registration of guest houses, proved the point yet again that Punjab Assembly was not a forum to raise, discuss and legislate on serious issues. While everything under the sun, from mudslinging to trivial issues like polygamy can be debated in the House even for days, the issues of public concern hardly get time on assembly flour. It is a common observation while sitting in the press gallery that the Chair wont permit any member to raise vital issues having direct bearing on peoples lives at the assembly flour. If, at times, the Speaker is willing to oblige the legislators, it is the turn of law minister to kill the motion on lame excuses. The government is already alive to the problem and taking steps to resolve it. Let the reply come from the concerned department and then the house could take up the issue. The honourable member should take up the issue on Private Members Day; since the matter has now come into governments notice, the problem would be rectified; the motion should be kept pending till next session- are the stereotype answers by the law minister in response to important adjournment motions by the assembly members. Sometimes he would technically knock out the mover citing assembly rules of procedure. The most vocal member in the House, Sheikh Alauddin, also known for highlighting social issues in the assembly, pleaded for registration of guest houses, most of them, he believed, had been converted into brothels of forced prostitution. He also informed the House that many unregistered guesthouses, where people were running brothels, had become safe heavens for hardened criminals. He said it should be made binding on owners of guesthouses to seek licence from the government. Alauddin also prayed that police should not be allowed to raid guesthouses, as, it should, rather be the duty of concerned department to inspect the premises to check if any illegal or immoral activity was going on there. He suggested establishing Women and Child Protection Authority to save women and children from forced prostitution. He also impressed upon the government that police should not be allowed to harass couples in public parks. He accused police of forcing innocent girls to prostitution. Taking about plight of women arrested from guesthouses and hotels on allegations of prostitution, he said when these helpless ladies appear before the courts for bail, some unscrupulous persons gather around them to help them get bail and make them highly indebted in the name of giving bribe to the judges and court officials. On release from jail, these hapless girls are forced to accompany these people who force them to do prostitution again. He pleaded the assembly should discuss the issue and make legislation for establishment of Women and Child Protection Authority for such destitute women. The legislator from Kasur had raised this issue through an adjournment motion moved in the House in March this year, but it was put off till a reply from police department. On Tuesday when the House took up the matter again, Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah read out a brief answer highlighting police performance in this regard, and Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmad disposed of the motion despite repeated requests by Alauddin that the issue be debated in the assembly which should make proper legislation to address the problem. Some members from the Opposition as well as the Treasury supported his motion but the Chair did not allow any debate on the issue. Rana said that after assurance from the law minister there was no point in debating the matter.