The salary being paid during house job to MBBS graduates is about Rs. 12000 in Sindh and about Rs. 18000 in Punjab. The post-graduate doctors are getting Rs. 22,000 in Sindh and about Rs. 32,000 in Punjab. Many doctors from Sindh have previously got their protest registered on this issue. Currently, students of the Chandka Medical University Larkana are protesting against this. This sort of injustice is not being done with doctors alone but graduates, trainees and employees in all other fields complain of difference in salaries among provincial service employees. You must have heard of the police constable who registered their protest this Tuesday by attacking the CM House Quetta. Their demands were the same as doctors of smaller provinces. The police constables are getting Rs. 5000 in Balochistan, Rs 6500 in Sindh, Rs 11500 in Pakhtoonkhwah but Rs 15000 in Punjab. My humble request to the authorities is to treat all Pakistanis equally. By not giving equal rights to the people of all four provinces, you are destabilizing the country. -MUBASHIR SHAIKH, Lahore, July 5.