LAHORE - Makes and breaks of political groupings gained momentum in NA-68, Sargo-dha, and NA-100, Gujranwala, as PML-Q has formally announced party tickets in the by-polls to Asghar Kalyar and Khalid Mehmood Manj in the said constituencies respectively, while PP-34, Sargodha, has also become a hub of changing political loyalties, The Nation has learnt. PML-Q insiders told this scribe Tuesday that partys high command had formally sent party tickets to Asghar Kalyar for upcoming by-polls in NA-68, Sargodha, and Khalid Mehmood Manj for NA-100, Gujranwala. While the fate of PP-34 has not been decided yet, however, local political groups in the provincial assembly have started lobbying for their 'horses. In NA-68 there are three real candidates in the race, which include Asghar Kalyar of PML-Q, Shafqat Baloch of PML-N and an independent contender, Mazhar Qureshi, a former MNA from the constituency. Political circles of NA-68 told this scribe that a tough competition is expected between Shafqat Baloch of PML-N and independent candidate Mazhar Qureshi, while PML-Qs Asghar Kalyar could either create a serious dent to the vote bank of Shafqat Baloch or could become a challenging candidate in the days to come before the polling in the backdrop of changing political loyalties. Many see Mazhar Qureshi the real challenger to PML-N candidate, as Qureshi enjoys the support of some estranged local leaders of PML-N, which include Haji Ashraf Kalyar and Farukh Javed Ghumman former provincial ministers, while PML-Q MNA Anwar Ali Cheema is weighing his options at this stage. The PML-N candidate enjoys the support of his party men including Munir Qureshi, Ilyas Qureshi, Pir of Sial Sharif, Shahzadi Umerzadi Tiwana and his clan men. It is to be mentioned here, Mazhar Qureshi tried to get the PML-N ticket from NA-68, and same was the case with Farukh Javed Ghumman and Haji Ashraf Kalyar. Ghumman and Kalyar have joined hands in a bid to nail down the PML-Ns candidate from the stated constituency and if Anwar Ali Cheema joined their league, Shafqat Baloch would face a tough time. While the dual in NA-100, according to the local veteran politicians, depends on the support of two major clans - Jatts and Rajputs - who are considered to be the largest inhabitants of NA-100. Khalid Mehmood Manj is a close relative of former MNA and MPA, Munawar Manj who supposed to hold considerable influence in the area, while his son Khurram Munawar Manj also reached National Assembly in 2002 general elections. Mazhar Qayyum Naira is the candidate of PML-N from NA-100, who is brother of Muddasar Qayyum Naira, while Muddasar was disqualified by an election tribunal of LHC for holding bogus degree. Nairas enjoy the support of Jatts and Rajputs but the polling day would determine who enjoys the real backing of the stated clans in NA-100 by-polls. Meanwhile, the scene in PP-34 is not much different from NA-68, as various angry ranks of PML-N are working against their partys candidate. PML-Q has not decided the fate of PP-34, however, PML-N fielded Ch Tabraiz Gill from the said constituency. Besides Tabraiz, there are two more challengers to the PML-N candidate in PP-34, which include independent candidates Ijaz Kahlu and Fiaz Othi. While, the local politicians consider Ijaz Kahlu as the real challenger to PML-N candidate, as he is backed by PML-N leaders Ch Hameed, former mayor, Sargodha and MNA Aslam Khachella, Dr Liaqat, Mumtaz Akhtar Kahlu and rebels from PML-N in district Sargodha.