LAHORE In a significant development on Tuesday, PPP Punjab Finance Secretary Aurangzeb Burki filed a reference against Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaja Muhammad Sharif with President of Pakistan, requesting to send the same to the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) to proceed against Justice Sharif. Citing some recent statements of Justice Sharif, it has been stated in the reference that in view of his visible leaning towards the PML-N leadership, he is less likely to maintain impartiality in his decisions. The petitioner further stated that political statements by chief justice of a high court were unbecoming of his office, and therefore, he should be dismissed from service. Burki has also pleaded that till a final decision by the SJC, Khawaja Sharif should be sent on forced leave to prevent possible biased judgements by him. Talking to TheNation, Burki said he had filed the reference in his individual capacity and not as an office-bearer of the PPP. He said as per the prescribed procedure, he had sent the reference against LHC chief justice to President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, besides sending a copy to the SJC. He said the LHC chief justice was taking sides, and as such, had lost the right to hold this important office any more. Legal experts are of the view that it is now up to the president whether or not to send the reference to the SJC for further action. It may be recalled that Justice Khawaja Sharif had in his statement at DG Khan last month talked about his 37-year long association with the Sharif family, though he hurried to add at that time that he would not allow the proximity with Sharifs to affect his judgements. Most recently in his statement at Hafizabad, he had counselled the PPP to quit Punjab government if it had any objection to the appointment of Secretary Prosecution Rana Maqbool. Following this statement, the PPP leaders demanded his resignation, and one of its leaders, Senior Punjab Minister Raja Riaz had also declared a few days back at a news conference that a reference might be filed against Khawaja Sharif for his political statements.