There are many who see a conspiracy by outside forces behind the July 1 suicide bombing at Data Darbar Lahore. Rather than blaming agents from across the border, we need to direct our energies towards taking on the terrorist groups freely operating within Pakistan. These terrorists groups, I am sure, have the blessings of some of our religious and political parties. It has been proven time and again that it is actually a group of local militants that attacks or provides logistical support in planning an attack on a shrine, mosque or other place of worship of a different sect. They are the ones that act as a morality squad in attacks on theaters and music shops. Just how much data do we need to provide to establish that truth? The truth is that there are these bloodthirsty monsters living among us, the ordinary Pakistanis. Successive governments and 'the establishment have nurtured them for self-serving purposes. They are now out of everyones control. They are the ones bent upon tearing this country and society apart. It is time all religious and political parties and their tertiary organizations came out with a vow to defeat these terrorists. Under intense political pressure, the Punjab government has agreed to initiate a crackdown on at least 17 sectarian outfits. Only time will tell how serious or sincere the provincial government is in efforts in this regard. But they are being blamed at present for entering into electoral alliances with terrorist outfits and for having provided millions of rupees to banned organizations in the name of charity. Their track record, therefore, is not clean. Blaming others for our own problems is not the solution. We have to stop and look inwards in order to move forward. -MRS RESHAM SABZWARI, Karachi, July 6.