ISLAMABAD (APP) - The country is witnessing the worst cotton crises for the past one-and-a-half year after shortfall in its production and rising world demand. The cotton prices reached at its all time high in the countrys history, i.e Rs 7,200 per maund while Putti has become costlier by Rs 300/kg, a private news channel reported. Now the next destination for cotton is Rs 7,500/ maund, said Naseem Usman, Chairman Karachi Brokers Forum. The cotton-starved textile sector is hedging itself from an upcoming inflational trend and engaged in cotton procurement these days, he explained. He also denied negative role of the international cotton market players in our country regarding prices high and low business. On the issue of imposing 15 per cent regulatory duty on cotton he said now the situation is improving quality and quantitywise. Besides this the current monsoon season will also contribute to reach the target provided the imposed 15pc duty on cotton be removed which will result in the stability of prices.