Pakistanis are all joy at the firm stand taken by China on supply of civil nuclear technology to their country. China has simply shrugged off the objections raised by USA and India over the issue which is really a life or death issue for Pakistan because of the incapacitating power crisis it has at home. Reports appearing in the media say that China has told US and India that their concerns over provision of Chinese nuclear rectors to Pakistan for boosting power generation are both unjustified and uncalled for. It is strange that both USA and India deem they can do whatever they like but when Pakistan tries to meet its pressing energy requirements with the help of its time-tested friends, Washington and New Delhi raise a ruckus. The funny thing is that they have themselves entered into a similar civil nuclear technology deal in not too distant a past. Pakistan is understandably bitter at being spurned when it sought a similar deal from 'old friend and ally USA, only to be turned down rudelywithout even so much as a show of initial consideration. The jilted lovers of America in Islamabad, though, have consoled themselves with the thought that Washington had been unfaithful only at New Delhis exploitation of Pakistans poor record on proliferation. China, valiant and faithful as ever, has not only come forward to offer the direly-needed civil nuclear technology but has also practically told off US and India, saying in plain Mandrin their permission is not needed in this regard. -ZAHID KALIM, Lahore, July 6.