LAHORE (PPI) - The Young Leaders Conference on the 6th day, continued to attract around 300 students from all regions of the country. They got together from their respective cities, towns and villages to discuss how they can initiate enterprise to bring social change in their communities; what is their vision for change; how they can earn the trust of their stakeholders; involve people from the communities to help themselves and foreseeable pitfalls they will encounter. Faisal Baig, a YLC champ conducted a workshop titled 'Jeet hi Jeet to incorporate an attitude of uniting for change amongst the participants. The workshop was all about synergizing and utilizing each others strengths to work together as a team. Thus, they took the first steps towards how they will impact their communities. Solutions discussed to make this happen were that participants could choose to set up a new organization, work on their own, build a team or join an existing organization. For this, they are given three months, after which they have to submit a report of the community work they have done. Only then will they be awarded a certificate of participation in YLC.