KARACHI Zeenat and Wajahat scored 62.58 per cent to win the Week End Bridge here at Aslam Bridge Hall. As many as 21 pairs contested the opening programme. Zeenat Azwer made it two in a row, when she paired with Wajahat Suri this week-end and knocked out all competing pairs from North-South direction. Last week she registered her first win pairing with Tariq Rasheed Khan. Khalid Bin Mansur - Ehsan Rasheed did extremely well to finish second on Board from N-S direction with 61, 25 per cent score. Anwer Gheewala - Dr. Sarfraz Ahmed scored 57.41 percent for the third berth. From East-West direction it was the pair of Khaled Mohiuddin - Gulzar Bilal, who remained unbeaten once again, They scored 58.94 percent to win top berth, followed by Zafar Zaki - Yousuf Gheewala 58.13 and Syed Ameer Hasan - Ghufran Ashraf 57.44 percent for the 2nd and 3rd berths. In the Swiss Team event, there had been a technical knock-out this time. Eight teams competed four rounds of 12 Boards each. Actually it was Rais IV who came on top with 89 V.P., however, they lost their top position since the team allowed 7th player, Muhammad Ismail, in the 3rd round. Other six members of the team were, Saleem Ahmed, Ghulam Muhammad, Rais Ahmed, A. K. Bhurgri, Khalid Mohiuddin and Ghufran Ashraf. This incident brought Essa on top. Essa scored 80 VP comprising Noor Alam, Tanvir Mazahir, Mahmood Siddiqui and Shaikh A. Ghaffar first had beaten Four Aces 25-4, then earned 22-8 from Rubina, lost third round match to Rais 13-17 and edged out Attachers 20-10 in the last round. Ghaffar scored 66 for the second berth. Having Ghaffar Qureshi, Shahin Iqbal, Javed Rehman, Tariq Zafar and Khalid Zaki in its fold, Ghaffars team outpaced Fearsome 25-5, Rubina 23-7, lost to Aces 13-17 and Rais 5-25 V.P.