ISLAMABAD - No headway could be made on the long-awaited National Accountability Bill during the meeting of National Assemblys Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs on Wednesday, as members mainly belonging to PPP and PML-N were unable to reach a consensus. The differences were clear between the MNAs of the two parties as both came up with divergent versions on this vital legislation, which has been pending for a long time. The PML-N legislators have also refused to withdraw their dissenting note on Accountability Bill. Committee Chairperson, Begum Nasim Akhtar Chaudhry chaired the meeting to review the dissenting note submitted by PML-N with regard to set up of accountability body. During the meeting, PML-N side complained about the non-serious attitude of the government. PML-N committee member Zahid Hamid adopted a stance that draft of the bill laid down before the committee was not akin to draft prepared by PPP and PML-N after consultation. He said the original draft of the bill was not so substantive to make the accountability system stronger and effective, which compelled the PML-N to come up with dissenting notes on this bill. The Committee Chairperson, Begum Nasim Akhtar Chaudhry, belonging to PPP, responding to observations made by the PML-N side, said that to put the blame only on the government was not justified as the delay had also been caused due to non-responsive attitude of the PML-N. She said that she does not know any other draft and she was not a weak Chairperson. The committee would not accept any dictation, she said. She made it clear that she would tender resignation from her slot if anybody tries to get approval of any other draft of the bill from the committee. The committee also rejected the stance of PML-N legislators to start accountability without any specific date and decided to start accountability from July 1st, 1985. The PML-N also instated that the head of the Accountability Commission should be a sitting judge of Supreme Court but committee could not reach on consensus. It opposed the proposed clause that said a person who was qualified to become an SC judge could also be appointed Chairman of the Commission. The committee made it clear the head of accountability body would be appointed by the Prime Minister after consultation with Opposition Leader in the National Assembly. Begum Nasim asserted that the government wanted to take the Opposition on board on this particular bill and also wanted to pass the bill without any dissenting note under its policy.