Our Staff reporter SIALKOT - Children of trash and junk collector families have say good-bye to gather rubbish and prefer to join schools. Its a miracle because junk collectors have their own customs, traditions and life style and realized the importance of education and decided to send their kids to nearby education centre established by Child and Social Development Organization (CSDO) in collaboration with UNICEF. Though it was a tough task and unbelievable incident in this materialistic era because parents usually prefer that their kids do something to earn as compared to education and this tendency had generate many sensitive issues like domestic labour, child labour, forced labour and child abuse as well as social evils in the society. It was the result of social mobilization carried by the female social mobilizing staff of CSDO who successfully and psychologically motivated the junk collector families and ultimately junk collector families decided to send their children education centre. During a visit to education centre it was observed that these children totally ignored in the past are showing their excellent performance in the centre and by virtue of a spade work CSDO has attained the impossible. Undoubtedly, this move certainly helps in eradication of many social evils; theft incidents and vulgarity from the society besides provide opportunities of increasing literacy rate in the area. CSDO was providing uniform, textbooks and school bags etc to these children. This precedent is rare in the history of Sialkot even in the country because these children were totally ignored when Universal Education Programme was launched in this export-oriented city and nucleus of cottage industry of the country. The services of CSDO in this connection would be written with golden words in the history and would be remembered all times to come as well as pave the way for others to replicate same model in other parts of the country. Keeping in view this achievement, the Punjab government should establish a school in this locality to facilitate the children of junk collector families. The government, philanthropists and wealthy persons should come forward and join hands in this noble cause and ensure maximum facilities to these children.