MULTAN - A 32-bed makeshift ward established at the upper storey of Nishtar Emergency in February last to treat those patients, who fail to find bed in any medicine ward, presents the view of a 'patients junkyard as it is fully occupied with poor patients, lying helplessly in a big hall without any medicine, doctor and paramedics, The Nation has learnt. The ward was set up following a severe outcry from the society after casualties of at least 19 patients in the corridors of emergency ward of Nishtar Hospital between February 25 and 26 because of the stubbornness of heads of different wards of the hospital as they refused to accept them on pretext of non-availability of beds. It is feared that another string of casualties might take place if immediate action is not taken by the Punjab government as the same history is being replicated by the Professors of Nishtar Hospital. The doctors insist to take patients according to the approved strength of their wards. It is interesting to note here that the bed strength was approved in 1950s at the time of establishment of Nishtar Hospital according to the then population. We can hear the death silently creeping towards us but we cant do any thing. They say no bed is available in the wards so they cant take us, lamented a patient Allah diwaya. The cruel strategy of Nishtar Professors has also risen the burden on emergency ward many times and each bed is occupied by at least two patients. It sounds as if we are sent to 'surplus pool. Were also citizens of Pakistan but were being treated like Indians, said an elderly patient while talking to this correspondent. Sources disclosed that different medicine wards had had over 100 beds in the past but now the bed strength was reduced between 30 and 40. Almost all wards have at least two professors and a large size of medical and paramedical staff. Their reluctance to accept patients is amazing, sources added. The doctors have recently got their pay packages revised through a weeks-long strike that took the toll of dozens of lives across the province. Their major plea was that they work day and night, but paid inadequately. The social circles have strongly protested against doctors behaviour, saying doctors denial to attend the patients even after getting their salaries risen is highly condemnable.