The message that is coming from everyone on Pakistan is to 'do more, and to further the aims of the USAs war on terror. Not only has British Prime Minister David Cameron said that Pakistan and Afghanistan should cooperate and the Taliban should surrender, but outgoing US Commander in Afghanistan Gen David Petraeus has said that the focus of the war there will shift, with more special forces, intelligence, and air power being concentrated on the border with Pakistan. He has also said that there will be more 'boots on the ground in the East, not just of the Afghan forces being raised, but also of coalition forces. Mr Cameron made his statement during his unannounced tour of Afghanistan, while General Petraeus spoke in various interviews. A Pakistani response came indirectly from Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who noted that a large majority of Pakistanis disliked certain steps which had been taken by the Americans against the sovereignty of the country. He said this at the British Ministry of Trade and Industry, while visiting on Tuesday and assuring his hosts that he would personally guard any investor, further assuring them that Pakistanis were not against the West as such. This actually makes an important point at a time Pakistan is finding itself under increasing pressure from the West, especially the USA, to help in an Afghan solution in which the US and NATO forces are assured a safe exit from Afghanistan, while a settlement is reached which not only excludes Pakistan, but also fully accommodates India and its puerile ambitions in the region. The USA does not seem to have realised that it wants the impossible, and it is not Pakistans fault that it cannot deliver on a plate something that the military has failed to deliver. General Petraeus is trying to cover his professional failure in Afghanistan, following that in Iraq, in going to his new post at the CIA, where he has already shown he will be no friend of Pakistan. Though there have long been clear indications that Pakistan should abandon the American alliance, and end its needless involvement in its war on terror, these are some more. If the West chooses the refusal to have their sovereignty abused as a sign of being anti-Western, Pakistanis are willing to shoulder the blame, and want their rulers to do the same, instead of continuing their present kowtowing to the USA. The present government may well be under the impression that they owe power to the USA, but they should realise that they are due for elections quite soon, even if the government runs to its full term, which is by no means a certainty.