NEW YORK (Reuters) - Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker, with annual salaries of $30 million each, are the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, according to a new ranking. Jolie topped the list thanks to the worldwide success of her action film Salt, which brought in $300 million, and The Tourist, which also featured Johnny Depp and earned $280 million in global sales. Much of Parkers hefty salary comes from reruns of her hit television show Sex and the City, which she starred in and produced, and earnings from the second film from the series which generated $290 million. People may be surprised to see Sarah Jessica Parker up there but they may not realise that in addition to acting, she earns big from her perfumes and endorsement deals, said writer Dorothy Pomerantz of Also shes coming off of Sex and the City 2 which turned a healthy profit. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon were not far behind in the rankings with each actress bringing home $28 million. Aniston film Just Go With It is her fourth highest earning film in the US. Last years top earner, Sandra Bullock, has enjoyed a 12-month movie hiatus and dropped to No.9 with earning of $15 million.