Democracy is defined as Government by the people of a country, which underlines rule of majority of a population. Unfortunately we in Pakistan live under a pseudonym of democracy where majority is decided by the member of provinces rather than by number of people. The glaring example of Punjab with 56 percent population of the country is pre-empted by 44 percent population of three other provinces in so much as obstructing building of a single mega-dam like Kalabagh in Punjab while there is no objection from Punjab in building half a dozen dams in other provinces. In fact provinces however small have been dubbed as sacred cows to dominate majority population of Punjab. Balochistan which has half the population of Lahore city carries same weight as Punjab to block a project of national importance of life and death for the country. Similarly other two minority provinces make a gang of three to frustrate majority of Punjab. A new social contract is needed wherein the majority of people of Pakistan are not held hostage by a minority on issue of national importance. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, July 1.