Near Field Communication (NFC) was initially promoted as a mobile payments method, but the technology has since been applied to a broader range of applications - and the list is still growing. One of these is a new system allowing for NFC implementation in a car key, which has been launched by the Dutch company NXP Semiconductors. The system is a production-ready single-chip solution dubbed KEyLink Lite (codenamed NCF2970) that enables a connection between a smart car key and external NFC-compliant devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. KEyLink Lite will allow users to access sensitive car data by simply waving the key near an NFC-enabled device. Some of the KEyLink Lite features would include: Car finder, Route planner, Car status and service data management ( no need to remember the fuel level or keep the car service history on paper any more), Car self-diagnosis, Car personalisation. The KEyLink Lite technology is now available for production. There is no word yet on which car manufacturer may actually use it, or when. GM