The results from a recent Gilani Poll, conducted by Gallup Pakistan, indicated that more than three-fourths (79%) people did not travel by train in the past year, whereas 21 % claimed to have used the train service at least once. A follow-up question to those who had replied in the positive showed that 28 % had travelled even less than once a month. In a survey received here on Thursday, a nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces were asked the following question: 'Have you travelled by train in the past twelve months?' According to the results of the survey, 79% claimed they had not used the train in the past twelve months whereas 21% said they had. Have you travelled by train in the past twelve months? For those who had experienced travelling by railway in the last twelve months, a question further asked them about the frequency of their travels. The following question was posed to the respondents: 'How often do you travel by train?' The largest proportion (28%) stated that they travelled less than once a month. 21 % people replied that they travelled 1-3 times a week. There were only 9% people who said they used the railway often.