OUR STAFF REPORTER BAHAWALPUR - The transmission of the Radio Pakistan, Bahawalpur can now be listened on Internet all over the world from 6:59am to 11-15pm with two-hour break from 11:15am to 12:59 pm except Friday. The transmission can be enjoyed at www.pbcbwp.webs.com. It is Pakistan first radio which has launched its service on Internet with the special efforts of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Director General Murtaza Solangi. The social, cultural and literary circles of the area have appreciated up-gradation of the radio station. However, two new radio stations - FM-93 and FM-101 - will be set up soon to replace the current MW Radio Station to improve its transmission quality as the frequency of the FM radio stations will be more powerful and clear and can be listened on Internet, Moreover, a digital music recording studio will be set up here in collaboration with Cholistan Development Council of Pakistan to promote and preserve the Cholistani folk heritage. The FM-93 will work as a community broadcasting station for the promotion of the Cholistani culture and the forum will provide equal chances to promote literary and cultural activities of the area, public problems and public point of view on different issues and the local journalists will also be given due chance to express their views on various issues for public guidance. FM-101 will air its regular programmes of education, information and entertainment along with teachings and cultural values. The social circles of the area have termed it a good sign to lessen the problems of this areas residents and open new vistas for development in this remote and neglected part of the country.