ISLAMABAD - How strange a statement Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) Secretary Asif Bajwa has given, according to a newspaper report, that he is satisfied with the national team's performance in the recently concluded Four-Nation Rabo Cup in Holland. It is unbelievable that such a high profile office-bearer of the federation or anyone else can be satisfied with the performances of the green shirts, as they were humiliated by every opponent except the United Kingdom, to whom they managed to secure a draw. Germany comprehensively beat Pakistan and the Dutch's thrashed green shirts with a heavy margin of 4-0. If the performances like this are satisfactory for Asif Bajwa then God may help Pakistan hockey. It is questionable as to where the PHF bosses are taking hockey. They clearly lack vision and direction. They are incapable of regaining the old glory that Pakistan hockey enjoyed in the past becoming the world champion. Not a single person can agree to this childish statement and the approach of the PHF. He doesn't seem to have the agony and pain, which every hockey lover of the country feels. Instead of accepting the blame of defeat and apologising to the nation for such a performance, the team management is busy hiding the facts. The ground reality is different, Mr Bajwa People want an explanation as to why the team failed so badly in the four-nation cup, what is the purpose of paying huge money to a foreigner coach despite his failure to deliver and for how long the PHF and coach would take the credit of guiding the green shirts to Asia Cup victory after 20 years, which was only achieved through players hard work and devotion it has nothing to do with the coach or any other individual, it was truly a team work. Time is ripe for Qasim Zia, the PHF president and Asif Bajwa, the secretary to make a quick decision regarding the fast declining luck of hockey in the country. Any further delay in this regard would lead to more pain and agony for the already depressed hockey lovers of the country. Hockey is the national game but it is being treated as if it is heirless. Neither the players getting enough for their hard work, nor the game's fans are provided with something to cheer upon since long. Pakistan is blessed with so many hockey greats, then what is the reason that PHF continues to destroy the national wealth and why the Dutch coach, who could not produce any satisfactory results, enjoys full backing of PHF bosses. Instead of causing more miseries for the players and further dampening their spirits and moral, the PHF must get rid of this coach and hire a local coach at the earliest.