ISLAMABAD - The PML-N and the MQM have decided to join their forces and act as a united opposition front in the national parliament and the provincial assemblies, proving the dictum 'there are no eternal friends or foes in politics. The development, an outcome of a week-long and largely secret parlays between the two opposition giants, is likely to bring a big trouble to the already troubled PPP-led federal and provincial governments. The decision was taken after senior party leaders from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) met in Islamabad on Wednesday to discuss the situation in the country. The PML-N was represented by Senator Ishaq Dar, Senator Pervaiz Rasheed, Khawaja Saad Rafique and Mushaidullah Khan while MQM deputy parliamentary leader Haider Abbas Rizvi, Waseem Akhtar and Raza Haroon were the main figures on the other side. A joint statement read out by Haider Abbas Rizvi said both parties has decided to work together after they discussed issues, including the security situation, rising corruption, rigging in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir elections and abuse of power by the government. Rizvi said that they have decided in principal to play the role of vibrant opposition in elected houses. We would jointly work to address the issues confronting the masses, he added. Dar said both parties had set aside their differences and decided to work together in the 'interest of the country. He announced both the parties will oppose the government through lawful and constitutional means. Both the parties have decided to work together as joint opposition in National Assembly, Senate and provincial assemblies remaining in the ambit of the law and constitution, Dar told the media. Senator Ishaq Dar said that both parties had started a new journey setting aside their differences. However, he said that if the government mends its ways and controls corruption, it would buy more time. To a question about JUI-F participation in the alliance, he said, We would welcome JUI-F if it joins the joint opposition. When asked about the meeting between Altaf Hussain and Nawaz Sharif, Dar said that no schedule had been made as yet. Sources privy to the meeting said that the close relationship between the two parties would only confine to parliaments, as other major steps to enhance cooperation were not decided in this meeting. Major breakthrough between the two parties in the shape of a meeting between the top leaders of both sides, Altaf Hussain and Nawaz Sharif, is also likely in coming days, the sources added. The meeting was part of PML-N chief Nawaz Sharifs efforts to establish a grand opposition alliance. Earlier, the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had met MQM leader Dr Farooq Sattar in London on Monday on the margins of a Commonwealth get-together of parliamentarians. Insiders had termed the contact as a first step towards the formation of the proposed 'grand anti-government opposition alliance. Ishaq Dar had also told journalists that backdoor channels were being used for the realisation of the proposed opposition alliance and things would be clear in few days. He also told that he had an informal meeting with Farooq Sattar in Dubai. While also said that Dar had met with resigned Sindh governor Dr Ishratul Ebad as well during his Dubai tour.