ISLAMABAD - Irshad Ahmad Bhatti, spokesman and Senior Vice President of Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) said the Federation had only $500 in its account when the new management took charge of it in December last with monthly expenses including salaries were Rs 80,000 along with utility bills. Now the monthly expenses have reached over Rs 100,000 per month. "We are making all-out efforts to raise funds by different means including approaching business groups, multinationals and close friends of PTF President Kaleem Imam," Bhatti said this in an exclusive interview with TheNation here on Wednesday. He said: "We have decided to send team to take part in the Fed Cup after a gap of about 10 years and I still remember the PTF president called one of his friends and took a donation of Rs 2 lakhs and I spent two days with Ijaz Jakhrani, ex-sports minister, and he was so kind to give us Rs 0.5 million, and this had enabled us to send the team for Fed Cup." He said first of all they have drawn a four-year plan. "We organised nine tournaments, started school talent hunt programme in 13 different cities and districts in which more than 2,500 kids took part and we have selected 15 kids amongst them for future tennis under the U-12 talent hunt programme." "We reactivate International Tennis Federation; we raised PTF employees salaries, players match fees were raised, eight kids were given employment in different departments. We have signed a deal with UAE and Turkey Tennis Federations regarding junior tennis," Irshad said. He said that their focus is to award central contract to top five male and female players, send them abroad for training, renovate and make scientific changes in the PTF Complex, hold a tennis league in entire country and start working on producing junior players so that the backup can be achieved in a short span of time. Irshad minced no words in saying that there was not a single case of any favouritism or plunder during their stay in the Federation. No joy trip or personal agenda was followed and we tried to give everyone equal opportunities and no one was given any rash or special treatment, he maintained. "When we are doing all this, why people are blaming us; why the point of focus is personalities not issues; why the past tennis greats are not joining hands with us despite our repeated requests; and why are they not stepping forward and offer their services for the promotion of tennis," Bhatti said in charged tone. He claimed that such people want only limelight and personal favours by going to media rather than making contact and accepting our offer to jointly serve the tennis in the country. "Yes, we are human beings and we can commit mistakes, but I want to assure that if we have made a mistake, it was not intentional," he clarified. Irshad said: "I am spending my own money and time for the past seven months not because I am a tennis lover or any personal agenda, but the main aim is to help Kaleem Imam, who is a true professional and really wants to serve tennis and I want to be a part of his team and go beyond everyone's expectations by bringing revolution in to Pakistan tennis." He further said, "On behalf of Pakistan Tennis Federation I request all tennis lovers and past and present greats to set aside their egos and come and join us for the sake of tennis and the future of the country." "We are here for four years at least and want to serve youngsters. It is my request to all, please let us work freely and if we fail to deliver, it is my promise that I will step aside," Irshad said. He said that they have just started bringing in incentives for players and people related to the PTF. We are greatly thankful to all the friends and organisations who have helped Pakistan tennis and I am sure that after the Lahore fundraiser we will be able to generate funds for minimum one year, Irshad said. Irshad was clearly looking emotional while talking to this correspondent and truth was clearly witness on his face, he retreated his words, "We will not be blackmailed by anyone and will not offer our shoulders to others for fulfilling their personal agenda."