ISLAMABAD - President PML-Q (Likeminded) Senator Salim Saifullah Khan Wednesday urged the government to call all parties conference to discuss Karachis law and order situation and prepare a comprehensive strategy to combat target killings. He said the deteriorating law and order situation and increase in target killings in Karachi put a big question mark on the performance of both federal and provincial governments. He demanded of the MQM, PPP and ANP to quit blame game and take measures to bring normalcy and peace to Karachi. He stated that target killing in Karachi destroyed its peace and the government left the people of Karachi on the mercy of target killers. The Senator said Karachi was the hub of economic activity and was a big industrial city of Pakistan and deteriorating law and order situation in it badly affected business activities. The President PML-Q (Likeminded) said the target killing claimed lives of over 700 innocent people since January 2011 till date. He said the government completely failed to control law and order situation in the country and the people of Karachi were caught by fear due to target killing. He added that the government became a silent spectator over the situation of the city. He said Pakistan was passing through its critical phase and if the rulers and politicians would not learn from mistakes, the countrys future would be endangered.