Sports Desk KARACHI - Pakistan cricket team manager Intikhab Alam has accused some senior players of leaking sensitive information to the media. Naming former captain Shahid Afridi, Intikhab said in a television interview that such players also interfered in management matters. "The biggest problem I have faced is that some players try to interfere in management issues; when that happens then problems occur," said the former Test cricketer. "Everyone needs to know what his role is in the team," he said. "Another big problem is that some players leak out information to the media about team meetings and happenings which are not meant for public consumption. That leads to misunderstandings and problems, and these things are damaging to the team," stressed Intikhab. "There were times when 15 minutes after a team meeting, television channels were running tickers about things that happened or were discussed in the meeting," he claimed. "This is a big problem in the team. There is a need for these players to sit down and discuss everything including reservations with the management. These things have damaged Pakistan cricket and are not good for our image." The manager made it clear that the board has adopted zero-tolerance policy and the indiscipline will not be accepted in any case. Alam, who was shouldering his responsibilities as the coach before being appointed as manager, was recently slammed by Afridi for deliberately submitting negative tour-reports against him. The 69-year-old former Test cricketer however, rubbished the allegations that he has personal problems with Afridi, saying that his reports are based on facts. "Whatever I have written in my reports is facts and what I honestly believe is true and is my own personal assessment of the players. If I try to hide these things I am not helping Pakistan cricket or these players. (The) truth must come out," added the former Test cricketer who has served Pakistan in 47 Tests and four ODIs.