According to some media reports the government is going to implement the draconian policy of bringing CNG prices at par with Gasoline. First of all CNG is not Gasoline. It is not as good as Gasoline. It is a cheap fuel which harms the engines of the motor vehicles in long terms but people only compromise it as long as it is cheap and give them cheap mileage. Now bringing its price at par with Gasoline is extremely unjust. Gasoline is an imported fuel and that is why its prices fluctuate according to international markets. CNG is a natural gas extracted from within Pakistan and its use should be encouraged instead of discouraging it. It is a fact that our taxes and duties policies has already compelled the masses of the people to go for small cheap cars and even then the government is trying to rob them of whatever little facility the people manage to arrange. If the government takes this draconian decision of increasing CNG prices, I request the chief justice of Pakistan to take strict notice of this step and should declare this decision null and void. It is nothing else but scuttling the little boat we all share. AHMAD KAMAL KHATTAK, Peshawar, July 3.