LAHORE Jamaatud Dawa Information Secretary Hafiz Muhammad Masood has said that the US is not fighting against terrorism but completing its imperialistic agenda in the region and tightening noose around China. Talking at Aiwan-e-Waqt Forum held under the auspices of Nawa-i-Waqt, TheNation and Waqt News on Wednesday, he said suicide bombers were being used to defame the concept of Jihad and the religion. He urged all the segments of the society including media, political and religious forces to join hands to counter the conspiracies of the West against Islam and Pakistan. He said there was a dire need to sensitise the masses about the global prospective of the so-called war on terror. Our region is strategically very important and the US wants to use Pakistans territory in order to approach Central Asia by defying China. The West especially America is facing big challenges from Islam. Extremist propaganda against Islam is on its peak but surprisingly people are taking more interest in Islamic teachings, he added. He said American citizens were also being attracted by teachings of Islam and hundreds of people had converted to Islam on his hand at Islamic Centre of New England, Boston.