President Obama has finally announced withdrawal plan of US forces from Afghanistan next month and as usual, also has threatened Pakistan that terrorist safe-havens will not be tolerated. That is, he has directed to do more and face mess on the war on terror front. Afghan war is the longest war Americans have fought in the history. While invading, President Bush has thought military solution for Afghanistan. But Afghanistan proved hell for Americans and USA with its military might could not defeat the brave Afghans. The war spread out of proportions and led not only to US economic disaster but, rsulted in more body bags going back America. This only increased with every passing day. Worse still, the Kabul based government further complicated the war issue while settling matters with Pakistan. At last, after ten years of war and military failure, President Obama has sought political solution for Afghanistan. America is negotiating with Taliban and wants them to come back in US sponsored political system. Before 9/11, Pakistan had recognized the government of Taliban and had no confrontation with Taliban. We became ally of USA in the war on terror and brought US war into Pakistan. Americans have the history of deceiving and cheating. It is after our nuclear arsenal and before its withdrawal, it has shifted the focus of its war into Pakistan. Nuclear button is in the hands of the army. Therefore, Army and the ISI are prime targets of the enemy. US drone strikes, CIA operatives moving freely, NATO forces violating air space, militants from Afghanistan attacking our check posts are threat to national integrity of Pakistan. Sadly, our political leadership is also toeing US line and not concerned with interests of the country. The war is not moving to its end but its the beginning of the new war in near future. No doubt, Pakistan has offered more sacrifices than any other country of the world. Again, Pakistan has to show strong muscle. Pakistan has to counter American threats in and out of the country. Now, I do not support long-term partnership with America. I think it would be a suicidal act on our part. Significantly, we must break ranks with it. It is ironic that we are advised to conduct military operation in North Waziristan while USA itself is holding talks with Taliban in Afghanistan. USA has plans to establish military bases in Afghanistan as it has in Iraq but its not possible in Afghanistan. Pakistan is a party to the Afghan issue and has to guard its interests in the region. So, stable and secure Afghanistan is in the interest of Pakistan. PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, July 1.