LAHORE Divisional Commissioner Nadeem Hassan Asif on Wednesday said a stern departmental action would be taken against negligent officers and officials of Wasa and other departments in case they performed poorly during monsoon. Addressing a press conference to discuss the monsoon arrangements, the Commissioner said negligence in performing duties would not be tolerated. But, he said, dutiful officials would not only be appreciated by the government, but would also get prizes by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Commissioner Nadeem Hassan said all disposal pumps would work without any break, adding that closure of a pump even for a single moment will be considered negligence. In the presence of DCO Ahad Cheema, Wasa Managing Director Dr Javed Iqbal and MPA Khawaja Imran Nazir, the Commissioner advised the officers to remain in touch with each other and improve coordination among the departments. He claimed that the City administration has finalised all the pre-monsoon arrangements in the first phase and in second, it will be ready to cope with emergencies. Later talking to media persons, the Commissioner said an emergency control room has been established in his office, adding that Assistant Commissioner Sheikh Fareed Ahmad who is also Chief Protocol Officer, will be the in-charge of the control room. Nadeem Hassan also directed the officers to remain present at all sensitive points in the Citys low-lying areas to ensure lifting of the rainwater. On the occasion, Khawaja Imran Nazir requested the media persons to point out any negligence on the part of our officials so that further measures and arrangements could be applied for flushing out the rainwater. He claimed the administration was capable of flushing out the rainwater within two hours. He disclosed that Chief Minister Shahbaz Shari would soon announce to start a mega project for the improvement in the Citys sewerage system. DCO Ahad Cheem, addressing the press conference, said that all departments had been put on red alert in order to cope with monsoon emergencies. Wasa MD Dr Javed Iqbal said essential arrangements in about 74 low-lying areas had been completed, adding that 152 generators have been installed in 12 major disposal stations in the City.