ISLAMABAD - Despite their separation the PPP leaders were in close contact with the MQM and there was broader understanding between the two erstwhile coalition partners not to cross limits detrimental to the incumbent political dispensation. Sources in the PPP informed The Nation that President Asif Ali Zardari was in constant touch with Dr.Isharatul Ebad Khan and persuading him to resume his duties as Governor. That was the reason his resignation was not accepted so far. The sources further said that efforts were also afoot to bring MQM back in the coalition, which ostensibly seemed almost impossible, but even then both the former coalition partners could reach some tacit understanding on certain issues of mutual interest. It was in this backdrop that PPP leadership was not seemed perturbed over the recent warmth in the relations MQM and PML-N, otherwise, staunch and overt opponents. Sources in the PPP further informed that their leaders were in constant touch with the MQM leadership and wanted to take them along on national and Sindh- related issues. Although the PPP-led coalition governments in Centre and in Sindh could easily survive without MQM but the PPP leadership wanted to calm down the angry MQM leadership which split away the coalition with PPP on repeated backing out from the promises made with them on host of issues. Sources further said that MQM was once again intimated by President Zardari through his close associates that PPP was ready to fulfil its demands regarding the Karachi peace and the fate of the Local Bodies elections and its format in the Sindh province, but their was no response from MQM so far. These sources further said that MQM leadership knew it well that in case of confrontation with the PPP-led coalition government the results would be disastrous for both the parties and keeping in view their interests, especially in Karachi, the MQM leadership would not go for all out confrontation with the PPP. It was in this backdrop that MQM leadership was giving very cautious statements and was just talking about doing issue-based constructive and positive Opposition both in Sindh and Centre.