President Obama, speaking to reporters on Tuesday in Washington stated that it was the duty of every country to carry out espionage activities in every other country of the world. As such, the coup in Egypt should prove an eye opener for the poor countries who should expect nothing but subversion and sabotage from their rich counterparts.It is better that we should set our own house in order and bring all the institutions of the state under one sincere command because there is a lot of internecine struggle going on in our own powerful institutions providing inroads to the activities referred to above. We should have one national agenda: to provide level playing field and equal opportunity to every citizen of the country. This can only be achieved by ignoring all other ideologies and instilling a strong sense of independent rational thought through childhood schooling.Our last government printed notes to the tune of about one thousand billion rupees per year, but still the country did not go into hyperinflation. The reason is the support provided by our agricultural production. But our industrial growth stands at zero, thanks to the outside interference. Just imagine, we have 190 million people, and if all of them can be trained to contribute to national productivity, the results can be fantastic, as proved by China. The IMF delegation currently visiting our country is exhorting our government to impose more and more taxes and bring the agricultural sector into tax net. This sector is actually already overtaxed and being eaten into by the patwari and tehsildar. It is largely illiterate community and cannot maintain books and file income tax returns. To force them to do so would result in complete collapse of this vital sector resulting in famines. In any case, direct taxation in an illiterate country suppresses whatever little entrepreneurship there is and power generation on imported fuel is already ruining our economy. We need foreign exchange which we can only get from exports. We can ignore rupee collection, but we must do something about our foreign exchange reserves, which are holding us in bondage to the IMF. We must take corrective measures immediately and stop our internecine strife.ALI MUHAMMAD, Muzaffargarh, July 4.