Not long ago, spring season was associated with the final exams in the schools. We used to welcome spring season with a fear of the upcoming exams. The exams at the end of February or start of March and then there was the prospect of “doomsday” i.e. the result day in the last week of March. It used to be so easy and convenient to prepare for the exams without any cold weather or searing hot temperature. The climate in the month was a perfect atmosphere for the students to appear in their final exams so that they could get into a new academic year.Alas that is fast changing. All of it was perfect according to the climatic conditions of our country. Now the final exams are being rather shifted to blazing hot months of May and June. On one hand, there is annoying summer climate to fight with and on the other hand there is heavy loadshedding to bear with. All these conditions make the students’ lives literally unbearable as they cannot concentrate on their studies. Literally while they are sweating, after every 30 seconds or so, a mosquito comes singing its tunes and literally launches a drone attack which often proves fatal because of spread of diseases like dengue and malaria. This system of the end of term came from the Europe. It is highly acceptable out there as they have the best climatic conditions in these summer months. But we should take into account the conditions of weather as well as our students before pushing them to face the wrath of summer. It definitely affects a student’s creative ability. The policymakers should look into this and make policies in line with what is suitable for our country. Sumayya Riaz Rana,Lahore, July 6.