MULTAN - Mango Growers Association Pakistan President Syed Zahid Gardezi has said mangoes are our culture and identity. He said the government should sign agreements with foreign countries to introduce Pakistani mangoes in international markets. Talking to APP here on Saturday, Zahid Gardezi said that the annual mango festival should be held regularly and it could help create a competition among growers. He said that almost all mango varieties were displayed at the Multan mango festival and it was a better way to enhance awareness among the masses about mango.

Gardezi urged families to visit the three-day Multan mango festival as the mango gardens at the Multan sports ground. He said foreigners should be invited to mango festivals to introduce Pakistani mango internationally. Zahid Gardezi said that in the recent year, mango production was about 30 percent less than the previous year due to weather conditions.