At first glance, these mesmerising pictures look like a collage of colour and monotone photos, each of a famous person. But look a little closer and the images suddenly reveal two iconic faces that look remarkably similar.

They say history tends to repeat itself and apparently, from these images, that saying extends to looks too. From Hollywood heart-throbs and singers to princesses and civil rights leaders, artist Marc Ghali has found the perfect pairings from then and now.  The Toronto-based graphic designer has combed through archives of photos to find similar poses people in the public eye today, and matched them with their historical counterparts. The eerie result is a collection of thought-provoking pictures. She never would have met her late mother-in-law, but the Duchess of Cambridge looks strangely like Princess Diana from Mr Ghali’s clever collage.

Studies have shown that men are attracted to women who resemble their mothers - this image takes that theory to a different level.

The first African American president strangely shares a face similar to that of one of the greatest and most influential African Americans in history - Malcolm X.