ISLAMABAD - Though it is too early to gauge the performance of government just 30 days after its installation, however, the economic experts appreciate the financial experts of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz for at least giving the right direction to the country’s staggering economy within this short period of time.

But some political and defence analysts see some other steps of the government, like announcing to open the Pandora’s Box of Article 6, which could tangle the government in ‘non-issues’ distracting it from resolving the problems being faced by the people.

On the positive side, since assuming the reins of power the whole PML-N team has focused on resolving the monstrous energy crisis. The government’s announcement to pay the circular debt is a major breakthrough but some power sector experts say that government must come up with some stringent steps to spruce up the administration of the power sector because otherwise the circular debt would crop up again. Some senior members of the ruling party said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is a changed man and he is in no mood to spare anyone for one’s follies. He has written to his cabinet colleagues and senior bureaucrats that he would not tolerate mal-administration and corrupt practices in any ministry or department.

Premier Nawaz has also given a three-month target to his cabinet colleagues and frankly told them in the inaugural cabinet meeting that those who failed to perform in this period would lose their portfolios. In his maiden speech on the floor of the national assembly, Nawaz said he would not sit idle and would not let any of his party members and cabinet colleagues to do so.

Though there was no formal word on the foreign policy of the PML-N government but by going through the statements of party leaders one could assess its broader contours, which show a desire to have friendly relations with all the neighbours including India and Afghanistan. But on grounds the foreign policy would hardly see any paradigm shift, particularly in the given circumstances when Nato forces are planning to start pulling out of Afghanistan from next year.

However, the strong position taken by Nawaz Sharif government on unabated drone attacks inside Pakistani territory may leave some negative impact on the Pak-US relations. To ward off the expected US pressure on the issue, Nawaz has called the meeting of all the major political parties’ heads next week or so to come up with some unified stand.

On the other hand, the critics of the PML-N government say Nawaz Sharif was backing out from all the promises he made to the people during the election campaign and those who were talking about breaking the begging bowl could hardly resist taking loan from IMF and that too on tough terms.

They said that imposition of direct and indirect taxes in the Budget 2013-14 has brought the storm of price-hike and make the living of middle and poor classes extremely difficult. The power minister has already indicated that as per IMF conditions the government would further cut the subsidy on electricity which would jack up the tariff even higher to the disadvantage of already hard-pressed people.

The economic experts said that in the budget the government had put burden on those who are already paying the taxes and no measures or plans were devised to broaden the tax net. The traders and business classes were deliberately given a freehand and no measures were proposed to bring these largely non-tax paying classes into the tax net.

Cautiously appreciating the decision to clear the circular debt, they said that what would happen in case the circular debt would accumulate in next couple of years as no measures were announced to check the power theft and other steps to spruce up the working of the power sector. The political and defence analysts said that the government decision to proceed against former military dictator Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf under Article 6 would put the government on confrontational course with the military and things could go worse in that case. They said that instead of opening the Pandora’s Box of Article 6, the government should have focused its energies on improving the living standard of the people and bring about reforms in national economy and put the country on road to progress.