MANDI BAHAUDDIN-No pre-poll promise has so far been fulfilled by the incumbent rulers who had pledged to change destiny of the people after coming to power, though in response to the promises, the voters including senior citizens and women in swarms thronged the polling stations in scorching heat and queue up in polling stations to cast their votes. After elections, every passing day is adding to the people’s woes. Affairs are turning from bad to worse. People when sit together complain against the government for not focusing on the real issues being faced by them. Farmers are the worst hit as the irrigation system is in bad shape. Banks of canals are not being maintained. De-silting is not done because of which the discharge of water has decreased. Influential farmers steal water while complaints against them are not entertained by the officers concerned. On the other side, small farmers are deprived of their share of water. Prices of agriculture inputs are gradually increasing and going beyond their purchase power. There is no let-up in power loadshedding duration of up to 20 hours a day. This menace has caused difficulties for everyone alike. Labours and workers have lost jobs and are facing difficulties to feed their families. In this hot weather, people can't sleep at night. Corruption continues dominating in every department. No one can seek relief without greasing palm of the officials concerned. Traders' mafia demand money from handcart venders for allowing them to stand in front of their shops. Rickshaw drivers have to “pay” to the police and TMA for running their rickshaws. Similarly, transport mafia receives extortion from each passenger vehicle leaving the bus stand. Lawyers observe strike two to three days a week and litigants return home from courts disappointed. Similarly, revenue courts keep on delaying decisions. Strong parties however win the case and the weak party suffers due to not being in a position to win the favour of revenue officers and their staff. Decreasing number of trains on Lalamusa and Sargodha section by railways has added to travelers’ problems and difficulties of the public, public transport is in deplorable condition. Some 90% vehicles are old and travelling is dangereous by them. Overloading is a routine. Transporters increase fares at their will and no one checks them. Encroachments in the city and on the roads are on the rise. The government is taking no action against the encroachers. In villages, land mafia is occupying village ponds but police do not initiate legal action against the culprits. Meanwhile, the residents of Kuthiala Sheikhan urged the chief minister to order repair of the main bazaar road of their town. Amir Shah, an advocate, said that during the rainy season, a lot of water gets accumulated on the road and serves as breeding ground for mosquitoes and many other insects which become cause of spreading many diseases like dengue. He said that residents have many time reported the matter to district administration but to no avail. He said drainage system of the town due to poor maintenance and neglect of local government has become non-functional. After the elections, the elected parliamentarians had left the area in the lurch and are hardly accessible to the public. However, they issue press statements vowing to resolve public problems including eradicating corruption from the society. But in reality, no effort is being made by the government to reduce the public woes.