LAHORE   -   Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Pervaiz Rasheed stated on Saturday $5.3billion IMF loan will be used to repay debts incurred in non-development expenditures of former government led by PPP instead of meeting budgetary deficit. Talking to newsmen during his visit to EMRA office, Rasheed complained the previous government spent IMF and other loans on non-development expenditures and failed to build a single asset for the country. To a query, Rasheed replied PML-N government had not conceded to conditions of International Monetary Fund to get loan. Outlining the government's priorities in response to another question, he said it did not want to waste time on petty issues but wanted to tackle ongoing energy crisis, counter terrorism and move the wheel of national economy through spending resources and time judiciously. “These are all top priorities of our government,” he averred. Responding to another query, Rasheed stated, "PML-N has settled circular debt in mere 30 days after coming to power while the previous government could not do that even in its five years of rule." The incumbent government had, he added, increased power generation from 9000-MW to 13000-MW with an extra production of about 4000-MW of electricity. "Some 1700-MW electricity will be added to the national grid in the coming days," he added. The minister, to a query, said there would be no loadshedding during Sehr, Iftar and Taraweeh hours in the holy month of Ramazan as per directions of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Regarding terrorism and other challenges, he said the government would convene an all-parties conference to address them through a collective policy. “This APC will provide an opportunity to evolve a unanimous strategy to end terrorism and it would have support of the nation.”He said the political leadership would be briefed about the steps taken by the government and the input received from security agencies on the subject of countering terrorism. The minister said PML-N government would develop a consensus on the issue of terrorism and the strategy on it would have the ownership of all political forces. About intelligence sharing with Sindh government, Rasheed said the federal government was in complete unison with the province on the issue of peace. He dispelled the impression that there were any differences between the Centre and the province.He said there were no divisions among political forces on establishing peace everywhere in the country, and added the PML-N, PPP, PTI, and JI wanted to make Pakistan a fortress of peace. "If there are any differences, these are between those who want to make Pakistan a safe country and who those who want to unleash terror," he added.Rasheed also said Sindh government was fully empowered to take decisions and that the federal government would provide it with every possible support.