Speakers at a seminar on Saturday underlined the need for Pakistan’s role in process of peace in Afghanistan following withdrawal of the foreign troops.

“Pakistan must be circumspect to ward off another violent spell in Afghan therefore it must be proactive for Afghan peace process with a view that backlash this time round would be worse than that of the past, said eminent writer Ahmed Rashid.

On the subject “Ending War in Afghanistan,” the seminar was hosted by the South Asia Free Media Association. Secretary-General of Safma, Imtiaz Alam framed queries relating to subject.

Ahmad Rashid said it is time for Pakistan and Afghanistan to build domestic consensus on the options they have devised to ensure peace. In his view Taliban leadership is not under the control of Pakistan but even then it can use its influence over them for the reason property, businesses and families of most of Taliban leadership exist in Pakistan. In addition to that traditional and historical relation can also be an instrument to use clout on them. He suggested combined efforts of the government and the military work to bring Taliban to the peace process as it is only means to find peace in Afghanistan.–Staff reporter