KARACHI   -  One month performance of the PPP led government in Sindh is clear manifestation of the fact that the party has learnt nothing from the May 11 elections which restricted it only to Sindh province.The composition of the Sindh cabinet is still incomplete and five ministers who took oath soon after swearing in of the chief minister were allotted portfolios after 22 days, the province is being run without a home minister.Instead of reviewing its performance and to improve governance in the province, the PPP government led by Syed Qaim Ali Shah has adopted a policy of confrontation.After swearing in as chief minister, Syed Qaim Ali Shah, along with cabinet members, rushed to Lyari to attend a dinner hosted by the defunct People’s Amn Committee (PAC) leader, Uzair Jan Baloch, which irked the MQM and also sent a chilling message to the business community that is bearing brunt of extortion and law and order in locality in and around Lyari.Law and order in the metropolis is getting worse day by day. The parts of old city areas are experiencing worst law and order. Gun tottering hoodlums have taken hostage the neighbourhood of Lyari and adjoining areas. Rockets and crackers attacks are being carried out in the gang war-hit areas, but the Sindh government has failed to take concrete step to arrest the situation.  Old party guards, who were sidelined, said that the PPP candidates from Lyari were picked on the recommendation from the PAC. In fact it was the Amn Committee that picked the candidates and the PPP had only approved them, they remarked.Political circles expressed apprehension over the government apathy to deal with the deteriorating law and order situation, which is fast slipping and may have proved disastrous.The law and order is not good in other parts of Sindh as well but the government has turned a blind eye to it.The traders and businessmen of Hyderabad, the second biggest city of the province, have risen in protest against growing wave of street crime and extortion in the commercial areas of the city and threatened to take to the streets if the law and order situation was not controlled and their long-standing demand for better policing remains unmet.Analysts believed that PPP government’s move to restore the Sindh Local Government Ordinance 1979 has triggered a new political flurry in the province as it has further widened gulf between the ruling party and main opposition party MQM. They term the government move as splitter in the ranks of joint opposition which is going to put up strong resistance to the government in the coming days. The chief minister announced that all employees recruited in violation of rules in any government institution, including in the local bodies, would be stripped of their jobs after serving notices on them.Observers opine that hawkish elements in the government have sent a message of confrontation to the MQM.The PPP is now going to reap the bitter harvest that had sown in its last tenure but it is deflecting it by calling conspiracies of the centre, the observers said.They say though the federal government is so much overloaded with severe challenges of energy and economy that it has no time to look into the affairs of provincial governments being run by other parties.Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon reacted on the news of governor’s rule in Sindh, saying “if anyone tries to bulldoze the mandate of the PPP, it would be resisted by people. We are not wearing bangles”. The minister accused the federal government of power outages and shortage of water in Sindh.  Observers say that Sindh chief minister in his budget speech had given impression that the centre was interfering in the affairs of Sindh through chief secretary and IGP.Issue of out of turn promotion is another dilemma facing the PPP. The chief minister also referred to a recent Supreme Court judgment on out-of-turn promotions, which would result in the demotion of a number of Sindh police officials.Defending the out of turn promotion in police, he went on to say “on one hand I am expected to restore law and order but on the other hand such judgments affect a number of police officials”. “If any SP is demoted to the rank of inspector, how can I use him for restoring law and order?”Although, the government has restored the Local Government Ordinance 1979 in the end of June, confusion is prevailing among local bodies’ officials over the legality of orders being issued by the former administrators who had been relieved of their responsibilities through a notification but were directed verbally to hold the charge until fresh appointments.