PESHAWAR   -   DAIRYSAID ALAM KHAN    -   No doubt, people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa voted Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for a positive change and minimising their problems, but in the last one-month, no change is visible in the militancy-hit KPK except nomination of 15 advisors, special assistants and parliamentary secretaries -- a burden on provincial kitty.During election drive, Imran Khan-led PTI has raised several attractive slogans which also included 50 percent reduction in government expenditures. But unfortunately, it is the PTI that has the biggest provincial cabinet in the country. The induction of 15 lawmakers as advisers, special assistants and parliamentary secretaries, who are getting the perks and privileges of a minister, was criticised as the party had repeatedly promised to form a short cabinet. Many reasons are cited for this, but the real intention was to accommodate as many lawmakers as it can without taking care of any law or precedents. Certainly, there were advisors to the former chief ministers, but that were less than five. Moreover, there was no concept of having parliamentary secretaries in the past in KPK, but this time the PTI, which is committed to bring a change, also nominated five parliamentary secretaries.KPK is facing many challenges, for which the provincial government will have to show seriousness, as it is not in a position to overcome them alone. In the last one-month, the PTI-led government spent most of its time persuading coalition parties on portfolios. The party once promised awarding the education ministry to Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) but later was reluctant to do so.In less than a month, Chief Minister Pervez Khan Khattak has issued several warnings to doctors, police and patwaris to change their attitude as the PTI is now ruling the province, and it will take all possible steps to ensure a change in the province. But so far, there is no visible change.The province has been in the severe grip of violence for a decade. During a month of PTI rule, the KPK Assembly has lost two of its MPAs, one of them has joined the PTI after winning in May 11 polls, while the other was backing the government.Not a day has gone without killings since the new government in KPK has taken over. More than 70 people including policemen have so far been killed. The provincial government failed to condemn terrorist attacks and blasts that occurred in the province.To combat corruption in the province, the government has yet to introduce an effective law. All government matters are taking place as they were in the past, and there is no mechanism to stop corruption in the province.   Raising drone issue on each and every forum, the provincial government even failed to table and pass a resolution against drone strikes on Pakistan’s soil during KPK Assembly proceedings that lasted for 17-day.  A drafted resolution against drones by treasury benches was taken back when opposition severely criticised government for not including Nato supply blocking in the document. Certainly, terrorism will remain a daunting challenge for the party as it has called upon PML-N’s federal government to take steps on war footing to halt US drone attacks.During general polls, PTI chief Imran Khan announced holding local government elections within three months after coming into power. But it has been learnt that the KPK government is likely to hold local bodies polls at the end of this year.On the one month performance of the PTI, the August 22 by-polls will be more of a test case for it than other political force. The claim of installing a ‘model’ government in the province is yet to be visualised but it is clear that the PTI top leaders in the province are trying their best to get party tickets for their kins for by-elections.