NOORPUR THAL-Professional beggars are having a roaring business in Thal as the police and administration seem reluctant to take any action against them. The beggars are witnessed everywhere particularly in markets, shopping centers, roads and streets of the city. Several groups of beggars have occupied main traffic signals where one can see a lot of children and women thronging at vehicles asking for alms. The beggars use new techniques to attract people as their sole purpose is to take money from them. Professional beggary is becoming a social menace as more and more beggars including physically fit, healthy and young men, women and children are turning towards this profession. Mosques and other religious places are also amongst the most profitable sources for the professional beggars. The citizens demanded authorities concerned to take action against such professional beggars. ADB ROLE LAUDED: The Agriculture Development Bank (ADB) is playing a vital role for the prosperity of farmers of far-flung areas in Thal. Talking to newsmen, ADB Manager Malik Mehboob Ahmad Naich said that bank reached a historic cooperation with the peasants for betterment in the field of agriculture. He emphasized to farmers for best cooperation with the bank staff regarding recovery of loans. ABRUPT VISIT: Khushab DCO Amir Ejaz Akbar paid a surprise visit to THQ Hospital here the other day. He inspected different wards and sections of the hospital and reviewed the situation of cleanliness and medical facilities being provided to the patients. He met the patients in wards, enquired about their health and got information about the medical facilities provided to them. Hospital MS Dr Amir Umar and other doctors were also present on the occasion. The DCO expressed his satisfaction over the cleanliness of the hospital and medical facilities available therein. The MS apprised the DCO about the shortage of staff especially the specialist doctors and other problems being faced by the hospital. The DCO assured that vacancies of specialist doctors and other paramedic staff in the hospital would soon be filled.