LAHORE - Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company has inked an MoU with Alternative Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers Association (APHMA) and Diakob Enterprises to help uphold the unconventional medicine sector in Pakistan with various premeditated interventions of technological assistance and skill enhancement. The MoU binds the three parties to cooperate in the pursuance of bringing in manufacturing process improvements of herbal medicines through technology induction and better skill development. Through the memorandum, the parties will also strive to cod governmental support for the economic proliferation of this sector.

A company spokesperson shared here on Saturday that TUSDEC aims to foster alternative medicine industry in Pakistan evaluating the immensity of its potentials. Thriving economies like China, USA and India have steered substantial investment for the research and growth of herbal medicine yielding positively to their national incomes.  According to the MoU, Diakob Enterprises will cooperate with the provision of expertise in the fields of Herbal/Ayurvedic medicine and cosmetics production, development of GMP flow and quality control management systems for alternative medicine manufacturers.